What is OpenFF7R?
OpenFF7R is a project centered on modding the Final Fantasy 7 "Remake" series, colloquially referred as the 7R series. We strive to ensure that all of our modding knowledge is freely accessible, hence the open nature of the project.
How do I access OpenFF7R?
In order to join our community, you can join our server.
What can I expect?
In the OpenFF7R server, we predictably discuss the Final Fantasy series of games. However, we also frequently enage in conversations about movies, TV shows, music, and technology. We try our best to foster a curious and inquisitive community, never afraid to discover something new!
Can I learn how to mod?
Yes! By following the guides created by some of our most valued community members, you can (with the proper amount of dedication) learn everything you need to know.
Are the Playstation releases able to be modded?
Unfortunately, the modding scene for console releases is fairly limited. We focus on the PC releases, which offer many more options for modding.